Rstudio starts to codefold markdown

Mon 16 September 2013

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Rstudiois a great tool for working with R and R scripts. And Markdown is a great way to write even complex, reproducible documents in plain text. So they make a great combination. BUT:

before when writing markdown in rstudio, you had to write “—-” after your headings to get it to codefold markdown headings, thusly:

#my first-level heading ———-

## my second-level heading ———-

and AFAIK it didn’t understand the difference between different heading levels.

And now, all of a sudden, it just works! I am on version 0.98.243. So you don’t have to type —– after each heading, and you can press Alt L to fold a second-level heading and it will close all the text below it down to the next second or first-level heading.

All we need now is a keystroke to open or close everything up to a given level, and to move folded chunks around. I would *so* like to not keep using Microsoft Word for outlining; it gives me heartburn every time I have to admit that it is *still* the best document outliner around.


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