RStudio and TeXworks working great together

Tue 18 December 2012

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Just now writing a reproducible report in R using RStudio on Ubuntu. So the source is a .Rnw file and I am compiling it with knitr. For the narrative part of the report it is a shame that RStudio doesn’t have autocomplete for latex styles, headings etc. But I just realised that it is possible to have the same .Rnw file open in RStudio and TeXworks at the same time. As soon as you save changes in one they are instantly updated in the other. So you can do your statistics in RStudio and just flip to the TeXworks window to do the narrative sections. Cool!
Update: the same thing works TexStudio which is also available for Ubuntu and has a useable outline view. So even better.
Screenshot from 2013-04-16 11:26:20


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