Wed 10 September 2014

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Wordpress is a great blogging engine. But I spend almost all my time with plaintext files in markdown. Whatever I am working on, from my CV to statistical reports, I have it here on my hard disk and I can compile it as pdf or Word or whatever I feel like, and I can use R to automate stuff. Now, thanks to pelican I can write my blog in the same way. Hopefully, it will lower the barrier to writing and updating. So, welcome to my pelican-powered pages.

Nearly everything is up and running, the export from wordpress to a bunch of .md files was nearly perfect. Great to have my own content back on my own hard disk instead of floating about in a database.

I have lost the wordpress comments though, which is a real shame. I am using disqus now, which is a bit of a lock-in again.

Oh and the search box doesn’t work yet. Curses.


Sun 10 August 2014

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This article is work in progress! Feel free to add a comment. There should be a pdf at this link.

1 Background and motivation…

1.1 Why should we care about resilience?

1.1.1 Self-healing systems - This is what we want!

After the terrible earthquake in Haiti in 2010 ...

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Wed 11 June 2014

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Bar charts and histograms are easily to understand. I often write for non-specialist audiences so I tend to use them a lot. People like percentages too, so a bar chart with counts on the y axis but percentage labels is a useful thing to be able to produce.

But how ...

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Tue 10 June 2014

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I quite often get asked (and ask myself) what is the best GANTT software for basic use.

Recently we have been comparing a few solutions so here are a couple of quick tips.

If you have a license for Microsoft Project I would use that, though it is a bit ...

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Mon 28 April 2014

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Screenshot from 2014-04-28 09:13:14

If you love knitr and rstudio and use them to produce long reports, you probably know that you can produce a table of contents in your html (and pdf) documents. In the newer rstudio (Version 0.98.801 or later) you do it by requesting a toc in the doc ...

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Thu 06 March 2014

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Is the free-text search box the defining invention of the last twenty years? I think it probably is. Now more than half the entire Western world (and a lot of the rest of it) can find the answer to more or less any text-based question that occurs to them within ...

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Thu 12 December 2013

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Well, for now I have regretfully given up on docear for writing papers - although it fantastic to be able to mindmap your ideas and citations, it still leads you into a dead-end when you want to actually get your paper finished - sadly, the export functions are not very pretty and ...

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Tue 10 December 2013

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Rita Rosner presented our 10 years after study in Boston at ISTSS this summer.

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Wed 02 October 2013

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Does maintaining supply of water and sanitation in IDP sites after the relief phase encourage people to stay in the sites? Does cutting them encourage people to leave?

This analysis is an analysis of publicly available data -  the 11 approximately bi-monthly IOM Haiti DTM masterlists covering the period December 2010 ...

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Mon 16 September 2013

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Rstudiois a great tool for working with R and R scripts. And Markdown is a great way to write even complex, reproducible documents in plain text. So they make a great combination. BUT:

before when writing markdown in rstudio, you had to write “—-” after your headings to get it ...

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Tue 09 July 2013

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I wrote before about using multiple dropboxes on the same computer. I found it very useful - one for work, one for family, and one for freelancing. Unfortunately it isn’t possible any more, whichever OS you are on. Big pity. The old instructions on how to do it are still ...

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Tue 02 July 2013

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International Journal of Internet Science
Volume 8, Issue 1

Social Capital and Pro-Social Behavior Online and Offline
Constantin M. Bosancianu, Steve Powell, & Esad Bratović
Central European University, Budapest, Hungary; proMENTE Social Research, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Abstract: Pro-social behavior, one of the defining ...

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