It’s me, Steve Powell

Why this blog?

  • it’s just a landing page so I can say to people I meet professionally “have a look at my website”.
  • it’s a place to publish thoughts and articles too short for a journal.
  • it’s a place to develop some ideas for myself on what I stand for.

What do I do?

I specialise in monitoring and evaluation systems, mainly for development and disaster relief programmes. I am also co-founder of proMENTE social research in Bosnia & Herzegovina, so here you can read some fragments of research from B&H and the Balkans.

My background is in clinical psychological research especially on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and post-traumatic growth.

Right now I am working on a short book on logical frameworks, probably to be called Logframes Reloaded. It is very much work in progress but if you want to see how it is coming along it is here.

Where else to find me

Oh, and you can also find me on Linked In, Twitter, Zotero and Google Scholar.